Bradford Manor Solar Farm - 5.3 MWp

Bradford Manor Farm

Project Name                                   Bradford Manor Solar Farm

Project Location                               Pyworthy, Devon. EX22 6LQ

Land Area                                        35acres

EPC                                                Grupotec

Commissioning Date                         27.03.13


Located 10miles inland from the North Devon coast, Bradford Solar Farm is hidden within vast farmland and an undulating typography.

The solar farm consists of around 22,000 photovoltaic solar panels, which are fed through to four inverter stations converting the direct current (DC) through to a usable AC flow.

The sites production is feed directly into a robust 33kV national grid connection. With construction taking place out of farming season, and unseasonably heavy rainfall, the installation team excelled under the challenge of delivering the 3.5km of underground cabling and connection on schedule.

The Bradford Solar Farm powers over 1750 households with green energy and delivers over 2500 tonnes per annum of carbon savings compared to conventional energy generation.

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