The renewable energy sector has been categorised by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) as a low to medium risk business in terms of the occupational hazards that we encounter in development, construction and the operation of our Solar Energy Parks/Assets.  

At Lightsource, we recognise that some high risk hazards are inherent in our business activities, such as working at heights, working with mobile plant and machinery etc. this is especially so, on construction projects. To mitigate against these risks, we have developed and implemented safety protocols/control measures to effectively reduce the likelihood of accidents/incidents occurring on our projects.

Safety is an integral part of our business and as we continue to grow we will ensure that safety is embedded within our management systems and that everyone at Lightsource will continually use their influence to enhance safety for all, wherever we work.

Lightsource is committed to ensuring that all our work activities are completed safely and that personnel have the appropriate knowledge and experience to work safely to perform their activities safely.

Our safety message is basic, live life to the full and try to embed safety into everything you do on your journey with us.