While the consequences are severe, the solutions we need exist today.

Watch the video above to find out more information on why solar farms play a key role in securing the UK's energy needs.

In fact by investing just 1% of global GDP in measures, including emissions trading schemes, energy efficiency and low carbon technology such as renewable energy generation, we can stabilise levels of greenhouse gasses and avert dangerous climate change. However we need to act today.

Solar technology is developing fast and is becoming increasingly efficient and cost effective. When compared with other renewable energy plants, solar installations are often a preferable addition to the landscape. They produce no audible noise and have no moving parts. As the panels are mounted close to the ground, solar plants are much less obtrusive than wind farms and are easily screened from prevalent viewpoints. Crucially they also produce no waste by-products, as nuclear power does.

Introducing solar farms to the countryside can also promote biodiversity by creating a break from intensive farming. The structure causes no permanent damage to the ground and the land can easily be restored for agricultural use again once the plant is decommissioned at the end of its operational life.

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